Transform Your Outlook; Transform Your Life

What’s a Visionprint™?

INFRARED VISION designs a customized, laser-focused Visionprint™ specific to how each person envisions their transformation to be. No two are ever the same. We work with you individually, in groups, and business environments to work with each client to craft a unique experience for your best transformation. Consider a Visionprint™ your bridge that gets you from the side of existing to the other side of living.

Visionprint™ Day Just for You

  • One day intensive online safe place to have a conversation for individual or small groups
  • Customized creation of strategic concise Visionprint™ that will:
    Redefine who you are, what you want your new life to be, and the mindset you want to have
    Rebuild actionable strategies and techniques to achieve your transformation
    Restore clarity, focus, direction, and YOU
  • The perfect Visionprint™ to start LIVING and stop just EXISTING

Visionprint™ Day Business

  • One day intensive “on-site” or online safe place to have a conversation for small groups
  • Designed to re-enthuse your staff by offering them the opportunity to:
    Redefine personal and professional goals that create a positive, open mindset
    Rebuild actionable strategies to achieve results
    Restore clarity, focus, and direction in their job and life
  • The perfect Visionprint to achieve work/life balance to improve culture and performance.