You Never Knew You Needed Me, Until Now


INFRARED VISION was born out of my personal pain, confusion, and passion to achieve the best version of myself. After the loss of my one and only child and the inability to have more, several layoffs resulting in a career re-invention, divorce, financial, and personal challenges, I spent years aimlessly going through the motions with no optimism, goals, or direction for the future. I realized that my full potential was more than I was physically doing. I was no longer living; I was just existing.

When I turned 43, I had a revelation. I was no longer going to continue with this life. It was time to smell the roses and appreciate their beauty; but how? It wasn’t easy. But, with a clear, precise, and laser-focused Visionprint™, I was able to overcome adversity in a more strategic, organized, and authentic manner and Redefine, Rebuild, and Restore my mindset and life. That’s when I realized many like me need their own Visionprint™ to guide them to truly LIVING and no longer EXISTING. Let’s start your journey now.

Authenticity Makes the Difference

INFRARED VISION is a trusted mentoring company regarded for producing a clear Visionprint ™ for clients over 40 to help them Redefine priorities, Rebuild their future, and Restore clarity and direction. The difference with INFRARED VISION is we are authentic in our approach. We are not afraid to ask the problematic hard open-ended questions to change a stagnant mindset from being stuck and turn it around to being set free to create a “lifestyle” you so desire. We inspire and empower you to reclaim focus and restoration of true happiness. I will guide you. I will support you. I will encourage you. My priority is you.

—Mesha Mebane-Berry, CEO, Founder